Research & Conservation Conference

5th Research & Conservation Conference

Saturday April 22nd, 2017
Simcoe Recreation Centre
(Norfolk/Dogwood Hall)

Our 5th Research & Conservation Conference is an excellent opportunity for academic and student researchers, government agencies, members of NGO’s and the public to take part in a lively exchange of ideas related to local environmental sustainability and conservation. We look forward to showcasing a broad range of topics and themes within the Long Point Region Watershed including, but not limited to: -Ÿ Environmental research and education -Ÿ Environmental policy -Ÿ Sustainable development Ÿ- Resource management Ÿ- Climate change Ÿ- Wildlife and ecosystem restoration and conservation -Ÿ Case studies and success stories.

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4th Research & Conservation Conference

Saturday April 9th, 2016

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation would like to thank all of those who presented at, and attended our 4th Conference hosted at Backus Heritage Conservation Area on Saturday April 9th, 2016.  Over sixty people attended the event that showcased local research and conservation efforts with representatives from fourteen organizations.

4th Research & Conservation Conference presentations in order of appearance:
*Note: not all presentations will be available online, where available research abstracts have been included.

  1. Delta Waterfowl – Great Lakes Initiative
    by Dr. Scott Petrie (Executive Scientist, Chief Executive Officer, Delta Waterfowl)
  2. ALUS Norfolk
    by Casey Whitelock (ALUS Coordinator, ALUS Norfolk)
  3. Nature Conservancy of Canada
    by Wendy Cridland (Director of Conservation, Ontario Region, Nature Conservancy of Canada)
  4. Changes in Ecosystem Stresses of the Long Point Area: 1980-present
    by Kathryn Russell (Undergraduate Thesis, University of Waterloo)
  5. Crown Marsh Wetland Restoration Project: Past, Present, and Future
    by Claire Paller (Partnership Specialist, MNRF Aylmer District)
  6. Assessing the Impacts of Phragmites Control Efforts in Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands
    by Dr. Janice Gilbert (Wetland Ecologist)
  7. Mitigating Road Mortality and Assessing Use of Culverts by Species at Risk Along the Long Point Causeway
    by Chantel Markle (PhD Candidate, McMaster University)
  8. Climate Impacts on Managed Forest Ecosystems in Southern Ontario
    by Dr. Altaf Arain (Director at McMaster Centre for Climate Change, McMaster University)
  9. Effects of Landscape Fragmentation on Swallowtail Butterflies
    by Jenna Siu (Masters Candidate, University of Western Ontario)
  10. Re-colonization Trends of Fish Communities Following the Restoration of the Long Point Crown Marsh
    by Natalie Rook (Masters Candidate, University of Toronto)
  11. Diurnal Concentration of Dissolved Oxygen in the Lynn River
    by Dennis Wright (Member, Simcoe and District Fish and Game Club)
  12. Monitoring Vegetation After a Reduction in Deer Browsing at Long Point, Lake Erie
    by Michael Bradstreet (Vice President Conservation, Nature Conservancy of Canada)
  13. Remote Sensing of Phragmites and Wetland Vegetation in the Long Point Basin
    by James Marcaccio (PhD Candidate, McMaster University)
  14. Does the Application of Glyphosate and the Stem Density of Invasive Phragmites Affect the Seedbank Response Post-Treatment?
    by Graham Howell (Masters Candidate, University of Waterloo)


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