Biosphere Partners plan first “Conservation Crawl”

With support from Norfolk County and local partners, the Long Point Biosphere Region will be launching an annual excursion called the “Conservation Crawl” in conjunction with Port Rowan’s Bayfest celebrations on Labour Day Weekend 2024.

The initiative has been awarded support under the Norfolk County Community Grants Program.  The funding will cover the cost of bus shuttle services to help visitors and residents learn more about conservation organizations such as Birds Canada and sustainable businesses such as Long Point Eco-Adventures.  We also intend to celebrate our Long Point Turtle Hatchery project with exhibitry for public viewings of the facilities and baby turtles. In keeping with the “Crawl” theme, the initiative will also promote visits to local wineries and brewing operations.

“The funding from Norfolk County gives us the greenlight to reach out to others and begin planning the Conservation Crawl stops,” said Tom Via, LPBR Chair, adding that the Biosphere will collaborate with community organizations for maximum impact. “We have a rich portfolio in the Biosphere’s Amazing Places program already and are looking forward to celebrating the work of our other friends.”

In announcing the Community Grants funding, Norfolk County noted the unique approaches applicants offered to meeting priorities in environmental conservation.  Mayor Amy Martin commended recipients such as the Long Point Biosphere saying, “your dedication to enhancing the quality of life in Norfolk County is inspiring.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the Long Point Biosphere Conservation
Crawl, can contact:

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