Community conservation

The Community Conservation Initiative strives to bring community conservation practitioners together to identify current and emerging ecosystem stresses, share current ecosystem research and monitoring, formulate innovative ecosystem management and restoration practices, and to facilitate action and implementation of community ecosystem conservation recommendations. Successful action largely depends on the improvement of collaboration between practitioners, resource users, academic institutions, environmental non-government organizations, landowners, government agencies, the private sector and other interested parties. The Long Point Biosphere Reserve aims to provide ample opportunities for collaboration, and to facilitate action through projects focused on mitigating conservation challenges.

This initiative also includes the creation of a comprehensive digital research library, an online, searchable, web-based research library of pertinent reports and research from many sources. This library enables conservation practitioners to readily access information to assist them in implementing the best management practices to ensure effective ecosystem management and restoration.

Community Conservation Initiative Objectives:

  1. To have more individuals and organizations working effectively to restore and protect ecosystems
  2. Enhance collaboration between conservation practitioners; landowners, government agencies, academic institutions and environmental non-government organizations
  3. Enhance best management practices through sharing of knowledge via the Annual Research and Conservation Conference
  4. Improve sharing and availability of information compiled in an online, searchable, web-based digital research library
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