Help protect Long Point’s turtles. Put a “Watch for Turtles” sign on your front lawn.

Help protect Long Point’s turtles. Put a “Watch for Turtles” sign on your front lawn”

Continued high water levels in Long Point’s marshes are causing turtles to wander farther afield searching for nesting sites and summer locations. That’s why the Long Point Biosphere Reserve (LPBR) is loaning “Watch for Turtles” signs to property owners along the Causeway and throughout Long Point.

The colorful, two-sided signs come with a wire stand for easy installation close to the roadside where they will be seen by passing motorists.

Long Point Biosphere directors John Everett and Cindy Presant

are the contacts for borrowing a “Watch 4 Turtles” sign


“The high water levels and storm surges have done such extensive damage to the exclusion fencing along the Causeway that the LPBR has had to postpone repairs to the fencing this year”, says LPBR president Rick Levick.

Levick explained that leaving large gaps in the fencing funnel wildlife into high risk zones and having fencing on just one side of the road risks trapping animals on the roadway. Instead, the LPBR decided to focus on encouraging motorists to watch for turtles and other wildlife crossing Long Point’s roads.  The new “Watch for Turtles” signs are in addition to the large electronic message sign and “Turtle Crossing” signs along the Causeway.

“We’re hoping to prevent the death and injury of turtles and other wildlife on Long Point and throughout the LPBR by asking people to set up these signs on their properties”, says Levick.

Residents and cottagers in the Long Point area who are interested in helping protect our wildlife on roads by setting up a “Watch for Turtles” sign on their properties, should contact Cindy Presant at (519) 586-9258, or John Everett, at (519) 777-2873, to arrange for no-contact curbside pick-up.


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