Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Spearheads Data Management and Geospatial Mapping Project

Thanks to a grant from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation is spearheading a program that will facilitate the sharing and communication of data with partners and the wider community within Ontario’s Priority Place, Long Point Walsingham Forest.  This will enable more efficient assessments on the current status of ecosystems in the Priority Place and monitoring of long term data.  It will also assist with communicating the collective conservation efforts in the area.
A workshop was held on January 16 that included input from 25 registrants that consisted of board members from the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation, local and provincial governments and more than a dozen local conservation organizations.
Activities will include completion of a geospatial mapping platform and an ESRI Story Map communicating the conservation story of the Priority Place through visually appealing maps, narrative text, images and multimedia content.These activities are expected to result in conservation and protection of Canada’s wildlife and habitat, as well as recover species at risk.

Black – Priority Place Boundary

Yellow – Biosphere Reserve Buffer Zone

Purple – Norfolk Forest Complex

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