Jan Everett, author and illustrator of her book called “Never Give Up” reads the story to mesmerized students at Lynndale Heights PS, Simcoe. The book chronicles, little Johnny’s attempts to save turtles in peril crossing the busy Causeway Road, Long, Point, ON.



Then, the 300 children at the school practice carrying a turtle across the road when it is safe to do so.






Jan and Johnny intertwine their program with information about the local citizen-driven Long Point Causeway Improvement Project where $2.7 million was raised to build 12 tunnels under the Causeway so turtles can save themselves. As well, the students are told of the benefits of the Causeway being in the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve.

Jan and John crisscross South Western Ontario doing book readings to local schools, cub/girl guide groups & even Tillsonburg’s Turtlefest. Thousands of children and parents have heard the story and saved a turtle over the last 5 years. To contact Jan she can be reached at jan.everett4@gmail.com


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