Turtle nest protection cages available on Long Point

Long Point, June 7, 2018: High water levels in the Long Point marshes this year will cause many turtles to search farther afield for dry nesting sites on roadsides or in cottage lawns and gardens. Nests laid in these areas are easy targets for predation by raccoons, skunks and possums.

That’s why the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation has teamed up with the Long Point Provincial Park to make turtle nest protection cages available for loan to the public. This turtle nest protection initiative is based on successful programs at Point Pelee National Park and Presqu’ile Provincial Park.

Long Point Provincial Park staff Starr Mudge and Brianne McCutcheon

with one of the turtle nest protection cages available on loan from the Park.

 If you see a turtle laying eggs on your property, you can borrow a nest protection cage to place over the nest. It can be secured to the ground by the landscape spikes provided or by placing bricks or rocks on the edges of the cage. The cage should be left in place for at least two weeks until the scent of the turtle has disapated. It must be removed within two months so that turtle hatching aren’t trapped under it.

The nest cages may be obtained at the main office at the Long Point Provincial Park. Contact Anthony Ruymleskie, the Assistant Park Superintendent, or park staff at the office. To check on whether a nest protection cage is available, please call 519-586-2133. After removing the cage from the nest, please return it to the Provincial Park office.

If not nest cages are available, please consider making one yourself using these tips from the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre.

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You can also help to preserve Long Point’s turtles by watching out for them on our roads and helping them cross to safety, when it’s safe for you to do so.


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