Community Conservation Workshops

Currently, there are many persistent environmental management issues in the LPWBR including: habitat loss due to invasive species, declining Species at Risk populations, water quality and nutrient loading in watershed streams, and many more that were identified in the first workshop hosted in 2015.

Conservation practitioners in the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve (LPWBR) area have been brought together for a series of workshops with the objective of accomplishing the following:

  • Define and rank current ecosystem stresses
  • Share their ecosystem management goals, objectives and strategies
  • Share their best practices
  • Collaboratively identify ecosystem stresses of top priority
  • Contribute knowledge and best practices for mitigating identified ecosystem stresses
  • Work collaboratively and implement actions to mitigate identified ecosystem stresses

Participants included: environmental non-government organizations, private marsh managers and landowners, government agencies, academic institutions, and other interest groups.

Empowering Landowners in Conservation

The goal of the workshop held on March 23, 2017 was to provide landowners (both agricultural, and not) an opportunity to access information, resources, as well as conservation-based tools and techniques that can be directly applied to their properties.

Other Past Workshops

Similar workshops were held in 1980 and 1993, but with 20 years having passed it is imperative that progress to date is assessed and methodologies revised. Current practices must aim to include the most recent and relevant science, and to ensure the integration of a uniform direction forward by resource practitioners with similar goals and mandates.


Workshops held in 1980, 1993 and 2015 all set out a common goal of defining and ranking ecosystem stresses. Summaries and results of these workshops, in addition to the rankings of ecosystem stresses, can be found in our research library in the “Ecosystem Stressors Workshops” folder.

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