The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation promotes research, monitoring, community outreach and education, partnerships, and projects that support the goals of biodiversity, conservation and sustainable communities in Norfolk County.  We exchange information and work collaboratively with the Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association, as well as other biosphere reserves in Canada and around the world.  Our World Biosphere Reserve designation by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and Man and Biosphere progam  does not bring with it any new authorities over lands, water or resources.

Our Board of Directors consists of volunteers who share the vision and objectives of the Foundation.  They represent a broad spectrum of professions, including local business people, farmers, foresters, biologists, engineers, nurses, teachers, writers, civil servants, retirees and others.


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 The Biosphere’s Mission

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation is dedicated to conserving biodiversity, promoting
sustainable communities, and partnering in research, monitoring, outreach and education.

“Sustainable development meets the needs of the present
without compromising the ability of future
generations to meet their own needs.”

(Brundtland Commission, 1989)