Norfolk Sustainability Leaders

Working together to lead the sustainability movement in Norfolk County!

Sustainability is the best opportunity for businesses to positively impact their team, ideal customers,local environment and our community!

Together, we can position Norfolk County as a sustainability leader. Together, we are the change!

We, at the Long Point Biosphere Region, will be your aim to be your ally in this journey to reach your sustainability goals. We want to help you create a new balance by providing you with the resources and support you need to face your social, environmental and economic challenges.

We are excited to work with businesses located within the Long Point Region to help them stand out in our community and beyond and give them tools that will appeal to their ideal employees, customers and partners.

Together as a region, let’s champion sustainability, drive innovation and create a better future for the next generations.

The program starts with a light energy audit and GHG inventory in collaboration with our partner, Green Economy Norfolk (an expansion of the Green Economy London Hub). Green Economy is an organization who supports businesses and organizations of all sectors and sizes to set and achieve greenhouse gas reductions targets and other sustainability goals.

The facility walkthrough and GHG inventory will assess your business’ emissions and environmental impact, and identify cost savings and reduction opportunities. Resulting in a comprehensive report to help with the creation of an action plan to achieve your targets.

From there, you get the support of the LPBR sustainability to help you set your priorities and implementation points. We become your ally in deciding what success looks like for you. We support you along the way as you achieve various milestones. The Biosphere will celebrate these achievements and promote your business and accomplishments

The LPBR sustainability team will meet with you in person and provide a comprehensive analysis of your social and economic sustainability layers which includes diversity, inclusion, well-being, culture, community, supply chain, distribution channels, use phase and end of life for your product and more.

This program is designed to provide you with tools that will improve customer satisfaction, increase staff motivation and business efficiency while considering community well-being and the preservation of our local culture. Our environment is fragile, we truly are in a crisis and we must work together to conserve, educate and protect our natural environment. All of that is sustainability but it starts with one step, a commitment to do better, a commitment to partner up so you don’t have to do it alone.

Thank you to our collaborators and funders for this program:

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