Biospheres Day on the Hill 2023

MPs from All Federal Parties join in celebrating Canadian Biospheres

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In a time seemingly tainted by divisiveness, an October 30, 2023 Parliament Hill event celebrating Canada’s biosphere regions stands out as one drawing the support of MPs from all federal parties – Conservative, Green, NDP, Liberal, and Bloc Québécois.

The All-Party Climate Caucus co-hosted this non-partisan “Day on the Hill” reception with the Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association (CBRA) to recognize the collaborations and project work in our country’s nineteen UNESCO-designated Biospheres.  Over 40 federal ridings include Biosphere Regions within their boundaries, and MPs from many of those ridings attended the reception. Guest speakers included the Secretary General of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, Yves-Gérard Méhou-Loko.

The Long Point Biosphere Region, an active member of the CBRA, was well represented at the event with Long Point Conservation Director Sarah Emons and Board member Janet Dassinger attending.  The CBRA not only serves as the national voice for Canadian biospheres, but also supports capacity building and knowledge sharing on biodiversity, conservation, climate action, reconciliation, and sustainable development.

In talking to MPs, the Long Point representatives and their CBRA colleagues stressed the need for secure long-term funding to build on successful conservation pilot projects and bring value to Canadians.  They noted that such funding would magnify the impact of tax dollars by levering in-kind and other partner contributions to sustainable development in regions like Norfolk County and the Long Point Biosphere.

The CBRA and the All-Party Climate Caucus organized the Parliament Hill event as part of the activities leading up to the November 2nd International Day for Biosphere Reserves.

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