Headshot of Tom Via, ChairHello Friends and Supporters of the Long Point Biosphere Region,

After a surprisingly mild winter, I trust you have been enjoying the glorious spring blooms and warm temperatures!   Since my last communication the Long Point Biosphere team was extraordinarily busy and has recorded many amazing accomplishments.  Our 11th Annual Biosphere Conservation and Research Conference was cited as the Best Ever! from the 120 attendees.  The Conference showcased the latest research and conservation initiatives within Norfolk County.  Our Biosphere team, First Nations partners, and other contributors led by the Biosphere’s Cynthia Brink, painted another spectacular Moccasin Identifier Mural located in Port Rowan.  Our first mural can be viewed at Eco Adventures.

I wish to thank our primary project funder Environment and Climate Change Canada and local businesses who contributed to this successful initiative.

The Long Point Biosphere celebrated the premiere of a full-length documentary film ‘A Priority Place’ in partnership with Gregg McLachlan founder of Work Cabin Creative, an award- winning journalist and the film producer.  The film’s release marks the Long Point/Walsingham Forest 5th anniversary as the first federally designated “Priority Place’ in Ontario in recognition of our unique stretch of Carolinian Forest, habitat for many endangered species, and highly engaged conservation community!  I wish to thank Gregg McLachlan and ECCC for their generous contributions in making this film become a reality.  I would also like to thank the nearly 150 supporters of the Long Point Biosphere who purchased tickets to view the film premiere held at the Capitol 33 Theatre in Delhi, it was a fabulous evening!

I am thrilled to share with you that the Long Point Biosphere Region and University of Waterloo school of Environment, Resources, and Sustainability have signed an agreement to create a new research and education collaboration.  The arrangement sets out a framework to pursue scientific priorities and to develop university courses that feature experiential learning in one of Canada’s most diverse ecological areas. We are thrilled the Biosphere will welcome student researchers over the next two years into Norfolk County and our Biosphere.

In addition to the amazing accomplishments by the Biosphere team, we are also pleased to announce the addition of two new and uniquely talented Directors to our Biosphere Board; Jeff Hopkins and Angelle van Kleef.  As our Biosphere team continues to expand, I am pleased to be working with a group that is highly committed to conservation initiatives to the benefit of our region.

I encourage you to visit our website www.LongPointBiosphere.com to learn even more about the good work being put forth by the Long Point Biosphere team.

All the Best,

Tom Via

Chair, Long Point Biosphere Region

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