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2021 Research & Conservation Conference

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

8th Annual Research & Conservation Conference

On November 6th the Long Point Biosphere Reserve held our annual Research and Conservation Conference via two Zoom webinars. We had a tremendous audience. Thanks to all who attended. And special thanks to our presenters.

In case you missed it, you can watch the recordings below.

Morning Session Presentations

Priority Place: Invasive species/phragmites control – Eric Cleland, Nature Conservancy of Canada
Public engagement and collaboration for (water) resource management in Ontario – Elaine Ho
Priority Place: Agriculture Runoff – Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS)
Biological control of Phragmites: Michael McTavish, University of Toronto

Click the video below to watch the morning presentation of the 2020 conference.

Afternoon Session Presentations

Priority Place: Road Mortality – Mandy Karch, Ontario Road Ecology Group
Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program: 25 years of Conservation – Doug Tozer, Birds Canada
Priority Place: Tall Grass Prairies, Nature Conservancy of Canada
Ontario Reptile & Amphibian Atlas: Brittney Vezina and James Paterson, Ontario Nature

Click the video below to watch the afternoon presentation of the 2020 conference.

The webinars were an excellent opportunity for researchers, agencies, students, and members of the public to take part in an informative exchange of ideas related to local environmental, sustainability and conservation.


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