Forest Corridor-Carbon Sequestration Project

The Forest Corridor-Carbon Sequestration Project is a partnership between the Long Point Biosphere Reserve, Ontario Power Generation’s Carbon Sequestration and Biodiversity Project, and the Long Point Region Conservation Authority. Since 2001, over 1000 acres of natural habitat has been restored and hundreds of thousands of trees, nuts, and cuttings, including Carolinian forest, oak savanna, and enhanced natural fencerows, have been planted. This project has reduced forest fragmentation, added wildlife corridors between natural areas, improved wildlife habitat, helped retire fragile agricultural lands, provided wetland habitat, and increased biodiversity.

Planting sites are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Located within or adjacent to the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve zone of influence
  • Located within Carolinian Canada’s Big Picture designated areas
  • Size of project
  • Proximity to large tracts of forest and Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI’s)
  • Interior forest creation
  • Potential to decrease forest fragmentation, and
  • Proximity to Carolinian Habitat.

The project implements a variety of restoration techniques including; landscape restoration (pit & mounds, wetlands, oxbow scars, sand dunes), establishment of native ground cover (grasses and forests) row planting, scatter planting, pods/clusters, direct seeding and natural regeneration.

We utilize these various restoration techniques to restore the natural hydrology and to maximize diversity on each site.

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