How your support helps the Biosphere

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation promotes research, monitoring, community outreach and education, partnerships, and projects that support the goals of biodiversity, conservation and sustainable communities in Norfolk County. We exchange information and work collaboratively with the Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association, as well as other biosphere reserves in Canada and around the world.

Your Membership Supports the Biosphere

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation is proud to have been an active part of the Long Point area community for more than 30 years. Members have an invested interest in the advancement of both the Biosphere’s goals and our projects to restore and protect the local ecosystems.

Specifically, your support helps us:

  • Conserve precious ecosystems
  • Enable sustainability practices that enhance community well-being
  • Facilitate community outreach and education on climate change and other important environmental issues
  • Unite people with nature through various programming
  • Provide support for valuable research

Do you want to volunteer?

If you are interested in helping out, there are several opportunities to join sub-committees and volunteer on projects with the Biosphere. Volunteers are also required for projects such as tree planting, species monitoring and fundraising.

If you would like further information, please email us at

  • Biodiversity
  • Education
  • Fund Development
  • Public Engagement
  • Research and Conservation
  • Ad Hoc Project Volunteering
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