Deer Creek

Fishing is a great way start your morning! Head to Deer Creek Conservation to start your day. You can rent a canoe or a kayak or launch your own non-motorized boat or you can simply fish from shore. Deer Creek Reservoir is one of the premier inland fishing spots and is home to an array of fish species. Everyone can enjoy the excitement of awaiting a bite from trout, bass, perch or bluegill. There is a beautiful beach, picnic area and everything you need to enjoy your morning in nature.

Lunch - Andy’s Drive In

If you are getting hungry, drive to the nearby town of Langton for a pit stop at the iconic Andy’s Drive In. Since 1947, this nostalgic diner has served up great local flavours! Try a milkshake and a Piggyback Burger and be part of the longstanding history of this local family restaurant.

Generation Marketplace

Take a drive out towards the town of Simcoe to experience a Canadian homestead in southwestern Ontario. Plan on a Farm & Garden tour at the Marketplace to explore the local heritage and experience the quality of life working and living off the land.

Lynwood Arts

Please check opening hours before arriving.

Lynwood Arts is a great way to wrap up your day. This art center expands horizons and promotes local talent. It is located in a historic site right in the downtown core of the town of Simcoe. A beautiful place to discover talented artists! In June and November 2022, don't miss the “Rebuild, Restore, Renew Together” exhibit that features the work of Indigenous artists from a variety of art disciplines.

Overnight stays

If you are staying overnight, consider camping at Deer Creek Conservation to extend the fun or experience glamping at nearby HomeGrown Hideaway or Long Point Eco Adventures.

Advance reservation required.

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