NatureHood is nature right in your neighbourhood. It’s nearby nature: the park at the end of your street, your backyard, a tree on your street, a community garden plot, an overlooked urban forest, or a special green space in your community. Your NatureHood is any place where you ‘connect’ with nature’s wonders—from watching a bee pollinate a flower, to feeding wild birds, to witnessing the trees change with the passing of the seasons.

The goal of the Long Point Biosphere Reserve NatureHood program is to connect young people to nearby nature and teach them about the importance of natural wildlife areas. The program is a response to society’s growing disconnect from nature, and an acknowledgement that many complex barriers limit children’s access to nature. This is an inclusive program welcoming children from all walks of life.

Covid-19 has hindered so many activities this year but with increased funding from Nature Canada, we are planning a series of outdoor activities combined with virtual “walks” through nature led by a knowledgeable outdoor educator and the use of citizen science technology.

We will provide more information as this exciting program unfolds.


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