Road Mortality Mitigation

The Long Point Causeway Improvement Project is a community-based effort to reduce the negative ecological impacts of the 3.5 kilometre-long causeway that links the Long Point Peninsula on Lake Erie with mainland southern Ontario. These include high levels of wildlife road mortality, particularly of Species At Risk turtles and snakes, and disruption of the natural hydrological functions of the Big Creek Marsh, one of the largest remaining coastal wetlands on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes.

Since it began in 2006, the Project has raised nearly $2.5 million to install 4.5 kilometres of exclusion fencing to keep wildlife off the road and seven special culverts to allow them to pass safely under the road. This has helped to reduce the road mortality of reptiles by more than 50 per cent. As well, two large aquatic culverts have been installed to restore historic hydrological connections between the Big Creek Marsh and Long Point Bay. An on-going public awareness and education effort has also helped to reduce wildlife road mortality on the Causeway.

Visit the Long Point Causeway Improvement Project and learn more about reducing road mortality.

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