Elementor example

Here’s some text to edit.

This page has three elementor widgets.   The headline above, in it’s own section.  Then below that there is a new section divided into two.   One has this text, one has your photo.   You can click on any of these elements and see their properties on the “Elementor” sidebar to the left.   This will allow you to manipulate their properties.

For text, it’s even easier.   You can edit right on the main screen and not bother with the widget controls.

When you are logged in, you’ll see a black bar on the top of each website page.   This is the WordPress tool bar.   From there, select the “edit with Elementor” link and you’ll get here.  Each element has an “edit” icon in the top right corner.   Click on that and you’ll see what I mean.

To add new elements, select the grid of nine dots you’ll see on the top right of the elementor sidebar, to the left of these words.   You’ll see tons of different widgets.   You can drag and drop these to add new features.

To add a new section, look below and click on the “+” symbol in the lavender circle.    From there you can pick how many columns you want in the new section.   When you have the new section, you can then drag and drop whatever elementor widgets you’d like on to it.

I imagine most of the time you’ll just be editing existing elements, like this text.

Once you have the edits you want, click the “Update” button on the bottom of the Elementor sidebar.

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