Over 50 Area Schools join Project Feederwatch

Do you like to build Bird Feeders?

The Long Point Biosphere Region, in collaboration with Birds Canada, has opened the door for students from fifty-three (53) area elementary schools to participate in Project Feederwatch, an international collaboration to inventory bird populations.

The Biosphere’s financial donation will help Birds Canada and its partner Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology cover the cost of materials and other support for students who take part in the project, counting and reporting birds near their homes.  FeederWatch asks that students and other participants regularly record the birds they observe from a specific vantage point and at a specific count site over the winter (from November 1 to April 29).  Bird counts are then recorded and reported online to Project
Feederwatch.  Everyone is welcome to join.

“You don’t need to be an expert birder,” says Birds Canada. “And you don’t need to make a huge time commitment – Even if you count birds only once during the season, that is a helpful snapshot of the birds in your location.”

Count sites should have food and water that attracts and supports the birds in a sustained way.  So, it’s great when students can be equipped with bird feeders whether they are donated, or students learn to build their own.  If you think you can help in this regard, please let us know at education@longpointbiopsphere.com

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