Nature Canada renews funding for Long Point Naturehood programs

The Long Point Biosphere Region was delighted to sign an agreement with Nature Canada this summer (August 2023) to sustain the Naturehood program in our area for another year.

Naturehood is actually a suite of programs that connect young people from all walks of life to the natural heritage of Norfolk County.  The programs give young people and their families an opportunity to learn about the importance of natural wildlife areas in the Long Point Biosphere.

“Many of us know about the major natural sites like Backus Woods, the Big Creek Wildlife area, and Long Point in our region,” says program manager Cynthia Brink. “They are very important, but Naturehood also introduces young people to the vital role played by small ponds, woodlots, and lesser-known elements of our natural surroundings.”

The programs also include field trips to the Long Point Bird Observatory where students witness bird banding at one of the most exciting and renowned places for bird studies on the continent.

Nature Canada’s contribution of $18K to our region’s Naturehood programs calls for matching funds and in-kind support, and we always welcome help in meeting this challenge. For more info contact

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