“Very Inspiring … proud to live in Norfolk County!”

Sold-Out Crowd attends A Priority Place Film Premiere

Close to 150 people turned out on Friday November 10th (2023) to celebrate the premiere of A Priority Place, a full-length documentary film on the drive to preserve biodiversity and a sustainable way of life in the Long Point Biosphere Region. Many attendees called the film “inspiring” adding that the dedicated people and projects that the documentary features make one “proud to live in Norfolk County.”

The film showing at the Capitol 33 event centre in Delhi followed a cocktail reception, special announcements, and an introduction by Gregg McLachlin, founder of WorkCabin Creative, an award-winning journalist and the film’s producer.

Film Producer Gregg McLachlan

“In my work, I have seen many impressive conservation projects and committed people across Ontario and elsewhere,” McLachlan told the crowd. “But I’m particularly happy to help share the stories of enthusiasm , partnerships, and impact in the place where I live.”

The film’s release marks the Long Point/Walsingham Forest area’s 5th anniversary as the first federally designated “Priority Place” in Ontario. The 2018 Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) designation made the region eligible for special funding under the Pan-Canadian Approach to Transforming Species at Risk Conservation.  A long-established UNESCO World Biosphere, the region gained the “Priority Place” status in recognition of its unique stretch of Carolinian Forest, habitat for many endangered species, and conservation community with its highly collaborative approach to restoration, road mortality mitigation, invasive species eradication, and nature education.

“The passion, commitment, and contributions of the people featured in the film really gives you hope for our very special place in the world,” said Tom Via, Chair of the Long Point Biosphere Region. “It’s truly uplifting.”

In his remarks, Via commended the Priority Place partners as well as Cynthia Brink, Biosphere manager of the project. He also announced that the funds raised from the evening would support Biosphere outreach and student education projects including the establishment of the Isabella Brink-Read Bursary. “The Bella Bursary” will support Norfolk County students attending the annual Ontario Nature Youth Summit for Mother Nature. Via told the audience that the Biosphere Region would soon be signing a collaboration agreement with a major Ontario university to bring a new dimension to research and land-based education in the region.

ECCC supported the production of A Priority Place to showcase the local conservation work, which involved a host of government and non-government partner organizations celebrated at the film premiere (see Priority Place Partners).

Many local businesses also pitched in to make the evening a special event with raffle prizes and gift basket items: they are Fancy Farmerettes, Haskett’s Hooch, Hometown Brewing Co., Cider Keg Farm Market, Apple Hill Lavender, Meuse Brewing Co. , Charlotteville Brewing Co. , Sayza Hot Yoga, Norfolk Juice Co., Wishbone Brewing Co. , and Bonnieheath Estate Winery and Lavender Farm.

A Priority Place will be submitted to film festivals, shared in excerpts on social media, and distributed for educational purposes.

For more information contact: education@longpointbiosphere.com

Film Trailer below.

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