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Pertinent information on academic research, monitoring, best management practices and regulatory requirements may not always be readily accessible to conservation practitioners and the general public.

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve has set out to provide public access via the creation of a comprehensive, searchable web-database that will enable conservation practitioners to access information that will assist them in implementing the best management practices to ensure effective ecosystem and resource management, as well as conservation and restoration.

Through acquiring special permissions from local organizations, the LPWBR has started to compile research papers, grey literature, case studies, guiding regulations, and relevant legislation which have been made publicly accessible through one database.

If you, or an organization you know would be interested in contributing to this public database by sharing publications, grey literature, case studies or documents you feel contribute to the maintenance and management of the LPWBR please contact us.

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Keeping an eye on the sky

Whether we think about it or not, birds are an important part of our lives. They are as important to us as they are to the many ecosystems which they play integral roles in sustaining.

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Keeping cool: restoring natural areas with native plants can lower temperatures

Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods and thought the air felt a little cooler than where you entered the woods from? Chances are that it is.

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