Help protect Long Point’s turtles. Put a “Watch for Turtles” sign on your front lawn.

Help protect Long Point’s turtles. Put a “Watch for Turtles” sign on your front lawn”

Continued high water levels in Long Point’s marshes are causing turtles to wander farther afield searching for nesting sites and summer locations. That’s why the Long Point Biosphere Reserve (LPBR) is loaning “Watch for Turtles” signs to property owners along the Causeway and throughout Long Point.

The colorful, two-sided signs come with a wire stand for easy installation close to the roadside where they will be seen by passing motorists.

Long Point Biosphere directors John Everett and Cindy Presant

are the contacts for borrowing a “Watch 4 Turtles” sign


“The high water levels and storm surges have done such extensive damage to the exclusion fencing along the Causeway that the LPBR has had to postpone repairs to the fencing this year”, says LPBR president Rick Levick.

Levick explained that leaving large gaps in the fencing funnel wildlife into high risk zones and having fencing on just one side of the road risks trapping animals on the roadway. Instead, the LPBR decided to focus on encouraging motorists to watch for turtles and other wildlife crossing Long Point’s roads.  The new “Watch for Turtles” signs are in addition to the large electronic message sign and “Turtle Crossing” signs along the Causeway.

“We’re hoping to prevent the death and injury of turtles and other wildlife on Long Point and throughout the LPBR by asking people to set up these signs on their properties”, says Levick.

Residents and cottagers in the Long Point area who are interested in helping protect our wildlife on roads by setting up a “Watch for Turtles” sign on their properties, should contact Cindy Presant at (519) 586-9258, or John Everett, at (519) 777-2873, to arrange for no-contact curbside pick-up.


Bird Day 2020 – Join Us Online!

Public health guidelines mean we can’t physically come together this year to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day—but that shouldn’t stop us from gathering virtually!

Long Point Biosphere Reserve welcomes BIRDS BACK TO CANADA on May 9, 2020.

The Theme for Bird Day 2020 is “Birds Connect Our World”.

The Long Point Biosphere Reserve (LPBR) is joining with Nature Canada and many conservation groups across Canada in bringing their communities together virtually to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day. Many are hosting online photo sharing sessions that will help nature lovers to discover, defend, and restore migratory bird populations and the natural places they call home. Hundreds of bird species are on the move this spring, many returning to Canada from as far away as South America.

“We’re thrilled that groups from across the country are participating in this year’s bird day celebrations—even as we shift online,” said Graham Saul, Executive Director of Nature Canada. “Birds continue to connect Canadians, and this celebration is of added importance at a time when we are advised to be physically apart. We owe it to these magnificent creatures to defend and protect their habitat so they’re always able to migrate home.”

Here in the LPBR, we are celebrating World Migratory Bird Day online.  RSVP for the event here: RSVP The event runs from 2:00 – 3:00PM on May 9. Hosted by the LPBR’s NatureHood and Cleaning Up Norfolk programs, the event will include an art and photo share and discussion online.

The Long Point Peninsula and Marshes, within the LPBR, is recognized as a globally significant Important Bird and Biodiversity Area due to the remarkable number of staging/feeding birds using the area during spring and fall migration, notably migratory songbirds, waterfowl, and swans. It is home to the Long Point Bird Observatory (the oldest migration monitoring station in the Western Hemisphere), Birds Canada, our national bird conservation organization, and several other local groups that support research and conservation efforts beneficial to birds.

Long Point is an ecological gem situated in the heart of Canada’s most biodiverse region and, for birds, remains one of the nation’s most important places. We can all do our part to help birds in six easy ways – see to get started.” – Andrew Couturier, an LPBR director and senior scientist at Birds Canada.

The report from BirdLife International, State of the World’s Birds 2018, concludes that birds are in trouble. Forty percent of the world’s 11,000 bird species are in decline, and one in eight bird species is threatened with global extinction.

The State of Canada’s Birds 2019 paints a similarly grim picture. Conservation investments in Canada have made a difference for waterfowl and birds of prey, but actions are needed today to protect declining populations of seabirds, shorebirds, and grassland birds. Threats to birds include habitat loss, climate change, chemical use, and predation by domestic and feral cats. Conservation efforts focused on valuable ecosystems such as Canadian grasslands, oceans, and forests can make a difference.

World Migratory Bird Day raises awareness on the need to conserve birds and their habitats. In Canada, groups are encouraged to register their online events on a virtual map, an initiative led by Nature Canada. You can also follow the discussion online using #BirddayEh.

For more information about our virtual event, visit our Facebook page.

or contact:

Cynthia Brink, 226-567-0465, or

Holly Anderson at

Turtle Nest Covers Available for Loan

May be picked up at: 52 BEACH AVENUE, LONG POINT

First, please contact: JOHN EVERETT

519 777-2873;

(donations appreciated)

New Local Brewery wins Long Point Biosphere Sustainable Tourism Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 18, 2020                                                                    

New local Brewery wins Sustainable Tourism Award

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation (LPWBRF) has named the Charlotteville Brewing Company the winner of the 2019 Sustainable Tourism Ambassador Award.

Brewery owners Melanie Doerksen and Tim Wilson were presented with the Award by LPWBRF President Rick Levick at the Norfolk County Economic Development Symposium in Simcoe on February 13.

“Melanie, Tim and their staff certainly ‘walk the talk” of sustainable tourism through their company’s core values and actions,” Levick told the symposium audience.  He said those values include:

  • Utilizing as much repurposed material as possible
  • Growing raw ingredients organically and/or purchase organic
  • Paying personnel a living wage so they can prosper
  • Striving to be as close to zero waste as possible
  • Serving artisanal beer and food that is as sustainable as it is delicious

Levick also cited how the company puts its values into practice.

  • 60 per cent of ingredients are grown on premises
  • 30 per cent of spent grains are used in food products
  • 70 per cent of the water used is recycled

The Charlotteville Brewing Company also received Norfolk County’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the symposium based on an entirely separate nomination and selection process, Levick noted.

For the past five years, the LPWBRF has presented this award to local businesses whose operations have achieved sustainable tourism goals by conserving the natural resources of the region and operating in an environmentally friendly way. As ambassadors, award recipients pledge to raise public awareness of how sustainable tourism can be achieved in the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve.

The Charlotteville Brewing Company has won the Long Point Biosphere’s 2019 Sustainable Tourism Ambassador Award. Biosphere President Rick Levick (left) presented the award to brewery owner Melanie Doerksen. staffers Emily Hoey and Mary Benedict and Melanie’s husband, Tim Wilson.                                                                                                                                  (photo courtesy of Norfolk County)

Past recipients of the award include:

  • Whistling Gardens in 2014
  • Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery in 2015
  • Blueberry Hill Estates in 2016
  • Long Point Eco Adventures in 2017
  • Long Point Island Hugger Tours in 2018


The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation promotes research, monitoring, community outreach and education, partnerships, and projects that support the goals of biodiversity, conservation and sustainable communities in Norfolk County. We exchange information and work collaboratively with the Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association, as well as other biosphere reserves in Canada and around the world.

For more information. please contact Rick Levick at or 416-723-2910


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